Air Handlers

The air handler is the indoor component of a heat pump system. It includes the fan and the heating/cooling coil. The air handler is designed for a particular refrigerant, so it must be matched with the heat pump or air conditioner.

We offer many air handlers with variable and multi-speed features that can provide enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to your thermostat setting rather than simply turning on at full speed. This alleviates the "cold air blow" often associated with single speed air handlers, and dramatically reduces system noise.

Air Handler Product Offering


ForeFront™ Platinum TAMX

Model Family: TAMX
Refrigerant Type: R410A
Blower Motor: Variable Speed Technology
Factory Warranty Parts: 10-Year Limited Warranty
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • This air handler works with American Standard Diagnostics, which allows your dealer to remotely diagnose potential issues
  • A sweat eliminating design, and an epoxy coated coil.

ForeFront™ Gold GAM5 Air Handler

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Model Family: GAM5
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Blower Motor: Vortica™ Advanced Airflow System.
Factory Warranty Parts: 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • The Unique Cabinet design reduces or eliminates the air handler pulling in moisture and dust particles.
  • This HVAC air handler's high-efficiency fan motor delivers exceptional airflow.
  • Improves the airflow in your home while reducing energy use and operating sound with the Vortica™ Advanced Airflow System.
  • Benefit from the enclosed insulation that increases efficiency while eliminating loose fiberglass insulation in your airstream.
  • Experience the benefits of the all-aluminum coil that enhances system life and reduces the chance of refrigerant leaking .
  • Quiet operation
P Series

P-Series Modular Blower

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Model Family: P Series
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Blower Motor: Multi-speed blower man
Factory Warranty Parts: 10-year parts limited warranty
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • Exclusive, composite blower design moves air more efficiently and helps resist rust for optimized performance.
  • Powder painted, fully insulated cabinet decreases operating noise and resists corrosion for long lasting performance.
  • Emission-free operation helps reduce your home’s impact on the environment.
  • 120 volt wiring eliminates the need for expensive electrical work when converting from a gas furnace to modular blower.
  • Variable speed blower motor controls humidity while evenly distributing conditioned air throughout your home.

Silver TEM4 Air Handler

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Model Family: TEM4
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Blower Motor: Vortica™ Blower
Factory Warranty Parts: 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts.
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • All-aluminum coil
  • Optional electric heat
  • No-rust polymer drain pan
  • Galvanized steel cabinet
  • Standard convertible line